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FAQs – Here are some frequently asked questions by customers.

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Q. Why do I need a follow-up test (re-test)? Test Procedure/Process
A. After you receive your Hair Analysis results, change your lifestyle habits and take supplements if required according to the results. We recommend you to take follow-up tests so that you can continue to manage your health as your health condition changes by taking Hair Analysiss periodically every 3-6 months.
Q. When do I receive my results?Test Procedure/Process
A. The results will be sent to you within 7 days from the day your hair sample arrives at Q Hair Analysis.
  1. Register for Hair Analysis via website (enter basic personal information)
  2. Q Hair Analysis will send a mail (Hair Analysis Instruction, registration paper, sample envelope) to you (takes 1~2 days)
  3. Take your hair sample and send it by C.O.D. via KG Yellow Cap (1588-0123) within seven days from the day you received the Q Hair Analysis Kit.
  4. Registration paper and hair sample arrives at Q Hair Analysis
  5. Hair analysis and results (4 days)
  6. Results will be sent to you (1~2 days)
Q. How much hair do I need to cut for the hair sample?Test Procedure/Process
A. Take 50-70 strands of hair samples close to the root – about 3cm in length - at the back of your head (necessary for analyzing the body condition during the last 3 months). For shorter hair, you can take the samples from many parts of your head and it wouldn’t show, so you don’t have to worry.

For more information go to ‘Hair Analysis Instructions’ -> ‘Hair Analysis Procedure’ -> 02 ‘How to take hair samples’
Q. What is my refund and cancellation policy? Refund/Cancellation
A. Return/Refund Policies
  1. If you cancel before you receive your test kit, you will get a full refund for your payment.
  2. If you cancel after you received your test kit, \10,000 will be excluded from your refund.
  3. Cancellation/refund is impossible after your hair sample has been received for test.
  4. Cancellations corresponding to withdrawals related to the Consumer Protection Act in electronic commerce transactions are subject to refunds.
    1. For more questions about refund and cancellation, use the ‘Ask Questions’ board or contact Customer Center at 1599-2621.
Q. Is member registration necessary? Member Registration/Login
A. Yes. If you want to register for Hair Analysis via our ‘Q Hair Analysis’ website, you must register as a member (except for affiliated companies). You can ask questions about the test or other health-related questions freely to doctors and check your ‘consultation history’ at My Page when you register as a member. You can check the entire process when you register for Hair Analysis from the test kit shipment to your test results.

To see more about membership data modification and membership cancellation, go to My Page -> Membership Information