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Why do I need to take Hair Analysis?

  • Accumulation of heavy metals and mineral imbalance may cause ADHD, learning disability, poor growth, and fatigue.
    • By measuring the levels of toxic heavy metals and minerals in your body, you may check your health condition, improve your eating habits, and take necessary nutrients for your body, preventing future diseases.

What can I check through Hair Analysis?

  • Hair Analysis is effective in checking symptoms without clear causes, so you can take measures before symptoms become observable.
    • ① You can check your level of exposure to pollutants (tobacco, dental amalgam, aluminum dishware).
    • ② It helps you alleviate your symptoms of chronic fatigue, lethargy, and excessive stress.
    • ③ It counterbalances nutritional imbalance developed from irregular eating habits.
    • ④ You may check your health conditions and search for many treatment options.

Who needs Hair Analysis?

  • Growing Children
    • Children too short for their ages
    • Children who struggle focusing on their studies and are easily distracted
    • Children who suffer from atopic dermatitis or allergies
  • Adults Under Stress
    • People who feel tired and lethargic without a specific reason
    • People who suffer from chronic pain (headache, shoulder discomfort)
    • People who wish to prevent hair loss, skin disease, and aging
  • Pregnant Women and Future Married Couples
    • Couples planning to get married
    • Women planning for pregnancy
    • Women who had miscarriages or who are infertile without a specific reason
  • Parents Who Wish to Prevent Age-related Diseases
    • People who have hearing problems or language disorders
    • People who feel they are losing their memories
    • People who wish to prevent diseases from various age-related diseases and nutritional imbalance