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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of Handling Personal Information
(‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) shall handle personal information for the following purposes but shall not use it for any other purposes. - Verifying customers’ intention to subscribe to membership, identification and certification for providing services to customers, maintenance and management of membership status, payments for supplying goods or services, supply and shipping of goods or services, etc.
2. Period for Handling and Retaining Personal Information
① In collecting personal information from information subjects, (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) shall handle and retain personal information within the consented personal information retention and use period or the personal information retention and use period as required by laws.

② The details of the personal information handling and retention period shall be as follows:
☞ In reference to the following examples, the handling duties for personal information, the retention period for the handling duties for personal information, relevant laws, the grounds, etc. shall be specified.

(E.g.,)- Subscription to Membership for and Management of Customers : until a service user agreement or a membership subscription is terminated (however, if there are the remaining rights or obligations, until the rights or obligations are satisfied) - Agreements or withdrawal of offers in electronic commercial transactions, payments, the records on supply of the goods, etc. : five (5) years
3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
(‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) shall not provide personal information to any third party except where Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act applies, such as where there is an independent consent by information subjects or a special provision of laws.
4. Entrusting Personal Information Handling
① Q-Hair Test shall entrust a third party to handle personal information in order to ensure smooth handling of personal information as follows:

- Persons entrusted (Subcontractor) : LOGEN delivery, Post Office - Content of duties to be entrusted : name, telephone number, address,, etc. necessary to ship kits for Q-Hair Test, ship the results of inspection (reports), or ship gift certificates

② When (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) enters into an agreement for entrustment, it specifies in a written agreement the provisions for prohibiting handling of personal information for purposes other than the purpose of performing entrusted duties under Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, technical and managerial protective measures, restrictions on subcontract, matters on liability for control, supervision, compensation for damages for subcontractor, etc., and it supervise subcontractors’ safe performance of duties.

③ In the event that there is a change in the content of entrusted duties or a relevant subcontractor, Q-Hair Test will without delay disclose the change(s) through the personal information handling policies.
5. Rights and Obligations of Information subject, and the Exercise Methods : Users as personal information subjects may exercise the following rights:
① Information subjects may at any time exercise each of the following personal information protection related rights with respect to the (“Site URL,” hereinafter the “Site Name”):
  1. To request the reading of personal information;
  2. If there is a mistake, etc., to request a correction thereof;
  3. To request a deletion; and
  4. To request discontinuance of handling.
6. Preparation of Personal Information Items to be Handled
① (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) handles the following personal information items:
1- Required items : home address, password, date of birth, gender, login ID, mobile phone number, e-mail, payment records, access IP information, access log
7. Destruction of Personal Information
In principle, Q-Hair Test shall without delay destroy relevant personal information after the purpose of handing the personal information have been fulfilled. The destruction procedures, due dates, and methods shall be as follows:

- The information entered by users of destruction procedures is moved to a separate database in an separate database after the purposes have been fulfilled (a separate document in the case of a sheet), and destroyed after the information has been saved for a certain period of time according to the internal policies or other relevant laws. In this case, the personal information moved to a database will not be used for other purposes unless it is so required by laws.

- The personal information of users of a limited destruction period is destroyed within five (5) days from the date of completion of the retention period for personal information where the retention period has lapsed, or within five (5) days from the date it has been found unnecessary to handle personal information where the personal information became unnecessary because the purpose of handling personal information has been accomplished, the relevant services have been discontinued, or the business has been completed, etc.
8. Measures to Secure Safety for Personal Information
(Q-Hair Test) takes the following technical, managerial, and physical measures necessary to secure safety pursuant to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
  1. Minimizing and providing education for employees handling personal information - It takes measures to control personal information by minimizing employees for handling personal information, and restricting and minimizing authorized persons.
  2. Conducting regular self-audit/inspection - It conducts self-audit/inspection regularly (once per quarter) in order to secure safety relating to handling of personal information.
  3. Establishing and implementing internal management plans - It establishes and implements its internal management plans in order to secure safety of personal information.
  4. Encrypting personal information - As to the personal information of users, their passwords are encrypted, saved, and controlled, and, therefore, they can be known only by the relevant users. As to significant data, the files and data for transmission are encrypted or separate security functions are used to lock relevant files.
  5. Taking technical measures to counteract hacking, etc.
9. Preparing Personal Information Protection Manager
① The YS Institute of Environmental Technology (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) is generally responsible for duties on handling personal information, and has designated the following personal information protection manager to handle complaints raised by information subjects and give victims relevant remedial measures, etc. relating to handling personal information:

▶ Personal information protection manager
Name : Ji Eun Lee
Position : Assistant manager
Contact Information : 1599-2621,
※ To be connected to a department responsible for personal information protection.

② Information subjects may ask the personal information protection manager and the responsible department relevant questions with respect to matters on all personal information related inquiries, handling complaints, giving victims remedial measures, etc. in using the services (or businesses) of the YS Institute of Environmental Technology (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”). The YS Institute of Environmental Technology (‘,’ hereinafter the “Q-Hair Test”) will give answers and handle inquires of information subjects without delay.
10. Changes in Personal Information Handling Policies
① These personal information handling policies shall be applied from the date of implementation, and where there is an addition of changes, or deletion or correction according to the laws or policies, it shall be publicly announced through notifications from seven (7) days before the implementation of changes.