Hair Analysis

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  • Order QHMA
    • Complete payment in the [Hair Analysis Registration] menu. The Hair Analysis Kit will be sent to you 2-3 days after you complete the payment.
  • Take a moderate amount of hair sample in a simple way and request for analysis
    • Read the Instruction Letter that will be sent to you with the test kit and take a sample of your hair following the instructions. Send the hair sample to Q Hair Analysis.
  • Analysis of 8 kinds of heavy metals and 12 nutritious minerals
    • The hair sample will be washed and dissolved for analysis. Analysis will be done with ICP-MS for results.
  • Heavy metal accumulation level and nutritional imbalance diagnosis according to analysis results
    • The analysis results will be sent to you within 7 days from the day that the hair sample arrived at Q Hair Analysis. (You can track the procedure in My Page.)
  • Customized prescriptions according to diagnosis results and follow-up test after 3 months
    • A follow-up test is performed to check if health problems are improved after a prescription is given to you according to diagnosis results, and also to check if any other problems have occurred afterwards.